New Lilies

New Lilies

Artificial is a lovely word, etymologically constructed from the Latin Ars and Facere, meaning “To make art.” The making of art means the intervention of a human mind to show the world a perspective never before seen. Until quite recently, photographers have had a more limited expression because of the assumed “reality" of the medium, though some brave and adventurous souls have shown us ways in which the unexpected can be fashioned from the expected. Some are called Impressionists, a title not meant to flatter. Some are called Surrealists. Both were fundamentally a departure from the Academy. Looking for a simple definition, I came across this explanation:

"Change the perspective on how a subject has been seen, up until that point in time, and you have made art. Repeat an existing view of a subject without changing perspective and you have not made art.”

I remember a time when I was more involved with commenting on the photography of others, and I kept seeing competitions where the winner was almost always the owner of a more powerful macro lens. That’s not enough. It’s also not enough to temporarily assume the mantle of an Adamsite, a Bullockite, a Kennite, or a Baileyite. However skillfully done, plagiarism truly doesn’t count.

My wife recently gave me a bouquet of Peruvian lilies. She does lovely things like that. I looked at them for a long time, and decided to refashion them with my combination of two favored methodologies, paintography together with fictography. It made me happy. I wasn't intending a seed packet illustration, just a sense of surprise, perhaps wonder. It made me feel just a little closer to my heroes: Vincent and Salvador. 

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