Here is a somewhat different notion of what has usually been regarded as travel photography. Not at all meant to supplant, but just to augment. It’s my way of delving somewhat into the culture. I’ve done this before with images in South Asia and Europe. I was heading home after a very demanding three weeks of leading a photographic tour in Nepal and India. I stopped in Japan for a couple of days of rest before the flight to San Francisco.
Two Autumn leaves found on the street in front of my home, and given new life in this recreation.
Hong Kong strikingly integrates the vibrancy of an important and busy city with life on the water.
My daughter Ruth frequently runs her Golden Retriever Lily, and some of Lily's closest friends, on the beach. As a photographer I truly didn't expect my daughters to engage in this art, so the image came to me as a delightful surprise. Using the camera on her iPhone, Ruth did a very fine job of rendering beautiful light, texture and excellent composition. The foreground, though it appears static, has the promise of frequent change. The light distribution is gorgeous.