Good piece, Lindy.

Good piece, Lindy. From long experience in academe and elsewhere, the same may apply to obsessive note-taking. There’s an old joke about notes transferring from the notebook of the lecturer to the notebook of the student without passing through the mind of either. Both in college and in graduate school I managed to do quite well by listening and thinking instead of scribbling. I’ve asked students to put pens down and open minds. Much of the same can possibly be attributed to dedicated diarists, or those who miss appointments because they’ve written them down.

As a photographer, I’m fully aware of how little the camera can accomplish in xeroxing the world, and I have a strong sense of how uncouth constant snappers can be, and not only in museums! Some of my friends show me dozens of pictures of their kids on phones and leave me wondering whether they ever talk to them except to say “cheese.” Sometimes I’m delighted to be lactose intolerant.

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