Hi, Heather,

Hi, Heather,

While literature and art are sisters in the field of communication, of course the former requires rules in order to be understood by other practitioners of the language. At best they are fraternal, rather than identical twins. But art is much more freeform, and open to a much wider range of interpretation. Anyone familiar with Impressionism and Surrealism can see that immediately. I used to hold a similar view of having rules in order to break them, but my mind was changed while helping to lead workshops at various institutions of higher learning in the U.K and the U.S.A. I believe that rules are anathema to art. I’m willing to concede that suggestions of thirds, fourths and fifths can be useful considerations, as can the Shevelev suggestion of ten thousandths! Although it requires considerable work and diligence, I do my best to practice specificity of composition picture by picture. Rules just confuse and get in the way.

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